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Micro Gold Plated Traditional Designer Chains for Women & Girls

Micro Gold P
lated Traditional Designer Chains for Women & Girls

  • 23.5 Micron High Gold Plated One Gram Jewellery
  • Search " AFJ GOLD CHAINS " on AMAZON.IN, in ALL DEPARTMENT, to get a rich and latest variety of Jewellery and Products from our store.
  • Size Available: 24 Inches See above Size Chart before selecting product.
  • Germen 'Nano' Technology Coating For LONG LIFE
  • Designs are Crafted By Traditional Gold Smith to have same Look Of Gold Jewellery Export Quality ,No Lid, No Alargic Chemicals.
AFJ GOLD --- NEAR TO GOLD Ethnic One Gram Gold Plated Designer JEWELLERY for Women & Girls. Stylish and Trendy jewellery from the house of AFJ GOLD perfect for all occasions. QUALITY - All our Jewellery is Export quality, ONE GRAM MICRO GOLD PLATED. Anti-allergic, rust and corrosion resistant. No lead or Nickel so it wont irritate your skin. The highest quality of "GERMEN NANO" gold plating further ensures a long-lasting shine. These JWELLERY set is perfect for all occasions. A classic fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and feminine elegance.Pair these intricate JWELLERY with any outfit to craft a precious look in no time at all. It is produced under fine quality production, so wear this masterpiece of latest fashion and designing without worrying about anything. AFJ GOLD JWELLERY is a classic piece that never goes out of style. Our jewelry is designed with fine craftsmanship and dedication to meet high expectations. A perfect gift on the occasions like Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine’s day, Birthdays etc. * SKIN FRIENDLY These JWELLERY is made from high quality material and designed with handpicked quality ensuring to not harm your skin and is also suitable for all type of skins. * HIGH QUALITY GOLD PLATED JEWELllery For us, Quality is above all. Our jewelry is designed with high quality material crafted with top quality gold platting that does not lose its shine over a long period of time. * AMAZING CRAFTSMANSHIP From traditional to modernize world, we manage to deliver amazing craftsmanship results every time. Our jewelry is designed & refined to meet high standards. Designs are Crafted By Traditional Gold Smith to have same Look Of Gold Jewellery. Fashion jewelry lasts longer when kept dry and free of chemicals. * Follow this simple rule: Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.


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